The BMW Summer School

Bad Wörishofen, Bavaria, Germany.
July 09-14, 2017. Extended Submission Deadline May 22, 2017.


BMW Group Research and Technology, EURECOM and the Technische Universität München (TUM), with the support of Bayerisch-Französisches Hochschulzentrum (BFHZ), jointly organise the annual BMW Summer School for Ph.D. students and junior scientists.


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Intelligent Cars on Digital Roads – Frontiers in Machine Intelligence

Mobility is currently dominated by a number of powerful trends. Urbanization and de-carbonization are calling for new concepts. Autonomous driving, electromobility, car sharing, and digital information and communication technologies have begun to fundamentally change the landscape. Beyond sustainability, competition is increasingly focusing on all-encompassing service, maximized use of drive time, digital real-time economy and deep integration within the internet of things. Under the hood, this is providing some exciting and challenging application areas for artificial intelligence. Beyond industrialization of advanced sensor technologies, advances in machine learning and computer vision are behind all but most breakthroughs in autonomous driving. Means to organize personal mobility and intelligently deliver a wealth of digital services along the way are skills to be developed by emerging Intelligent Personal Assistants. And cognitive capabilities are promising to let the robots in our cars interact with humans in a natural, intuitive way. The future of intelligent cars has just begun – help shape it during this exciting summer school.

Mark your Calendars

This year, we will be holding the annual BMW Summer School on July 09-14, 2017 close to the home of renowned Alpina Automobiles in Bad Wörishofen. We are soliciting original contributions from international PhD students with a particular interest in shaping the future of individual mobility.

Topics of the 2017 BMW Summer School:

  • Advanced sensing and intelligent vehicle control
  • Computer vision, complex scene interpretation, motion prediction
  • Connectivity, cognitive cloud and machine learning at the edge
  • Neuromorphic systems
  • Learning strategies for personalisation and intelligent recommendations
  • IoT, the realtime business, intelligent service architecture, and realtime data analytics
  • Multi-Modal Interaction, Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Generation
  • Realtime Context Interpretation
  • Data Privacy Protection, Privacy by Design, and Privacy Impact Assesment for Intelligent Systems

Submission details

We are seeking multi-disciplinary interaction, hence are encouraging contributions from a broad number of fields such as software developers, engineers, psychologists, IoT evangelists, urban sociology and culture, urban development, business management / service management, multi-modal mobility, digital transformation experts, AI experts, and futurologists.

Contributions will be as single poster to be presented during the summer school. Submission are required to be full poster submissions. The poster, a 1-page description of your research activities, a letter of motivation, together with a short CV (including list of publications and/or academic achievements) is to be submitted to: Easychair DRIVEME2017.
For submission details, grant policy etc. please see the registration tab.

Scientific programme committee:

  • Paul Alibert (Bureau de Coopération Universitaire, french embassy)
  • Martin Arend (BMW Group)
  • Prof. Jörg Conradt (TUM)
  • Cornelia Denk (BMW Group)
  • Prof. Ulrich Finger (EURECOM), co-chair
  • Thomas Goldbrunner (TUM)
  • Prof. Jérôme Haerri (EURECOM)
  • Prof. Andreas Herkersdorf (TUM), co-chair
  • Axel Honsdorf (BFHZ)
  • Prof. Benoit Huet (EURECOM)
  • Prof. Patrick Loiseau (EURECOM)
  • Prof. Jörg Ott (TUM)
  • Prof. Hannemor Keidel (TUM)
  • Reinhard Stolle (BMW Group)
  • Mario Tokarz (BMW Group)
  • Hans-Jörg Vögel (BMW Group)

Contact and organizing committee:

  • Christine Astor (BMW Group)
  • Cornelia Denk (BMW Group)
  • Axel Honsdorf (BFHZ), co-chair
  • Sebastian Herold (BMW Group)
  • Antoinette Humeau (BFHZ)
  • Doreen Huenteler (BMW Group)
  • Bianca Kusterer (BMW Group)
  • Valentina Nikolova (BMW Group)
  • Stefanie Schindler (BMW Group)
  • Stefanie Trautwein (BMW Group)
  • Hans-Jörg Vögel (BMW Group), chair
  • Contact the organizing team at:

The programme will consist of a number of invited talks, poster sessions, interactive workshop sessions with hands-on experience, but also offer ample opportunity for international exchange, socializing, including a fireside chat with BMW executives and a boathouse dinner.

Impressions of previous events
Photo by: Oliver Klemp Photo by: Oliver Klemp Photo by: Oliver Klemp Photo by: Oliver Klemp Photo by: Oliver Klemp